Tuesday, January 11, 2011

wa- wa- wa- wa- wacom!

ok, i know i've been telling everyone, including myself that i'd try to update my blog regularly... and so i'll try it again lol. i'll probably post most, or even all (if i deem them worthy) of my work from animation. soooo here's my first digital painting assignment :D

line art isnt mine. i only did the colouring. hopefully i get l33t at this soon :)


  1. Told ya the light on would be better.


  2. Try to have the light coming out of the window on a separate layer on top of the line art. Right now it looks like you screwed up on painting within the lines. Which you sorta did on the top right of the building. The red's bleeding by like, a pixel.

    Anyways if the layer overpowers the window's lineart, try setting it to screen, lighten or overlay or just lower the opacity.

  3. lool. I tried screen, lighten and overlay and they did nothing. Buuut
    Is what I mean.

  4. ahh ok. yeah, i had the light underneath the lineart. lol and i didnt notice the bleeding. i did everything pretty quicktime. i'll probably touch it up tomorrow when i got time. thanks for the pointers my :)