Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bus Stop - coloured

I had the sudden urge to colour this lmao. I think I'm getting more used to colouring now, especially backgrounds, which is a good thing. ugh.. now back to homework u_u

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bus Stop.

So this week is supposed to be a breathing week from the over load of homework. I've noticed that staying overnight at the studio has become normal for me now. This piece is just something for me, to help me get back to the creative mood again. I don't think I've tried this style before, but I like it... it's cute xD OH! and I finally realized that I could use google map's street view to reference japanese settings, or any place for the matter. I'll probably clean it up and colour it some other time though.. and i should really try to pump out a piece soon for my experiment lol... due time :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

dA Experiment

Got a dA account? Think you're a damn good artist? Having trouble getting followers? Ever wondered how some people just have all the luck?
gawd... for the past 6 years, i`ve always wondered how a lot of artists got lucky on dA. i;ve contributed a fair share of art to the site and never got much glory. so today i decided that i;m gonna do a little experiment.
for the next 2 months, all i`m gonna post on dA is cute anime fanart crap. i`ll be logging my followers and see how far i get in this time. if my hypothesis is correct, i`ll be a dA guru in 2 months xD so wish me luck!
here`s my dA account so that you can also follow my progress:

ok so, its already been half a day since the launch of this experiment.... and i`m already becoming uninspired xD this is harder than i thought lol the last time i drew anime for fun was 3 years ago.. the image above was a result of artists block. its not supposed to be my first piece, im still working on that, and i`ll try to finish it up as fast as possible so i can get this experiment up and running.

UGh dont you hate it when your keyboard messes up on certain apps and doesnt type keys properly. blogger is turning my question marks into thÉsÉ things ): .. ugh

Ricky Gervais

 Ricky Gervais! lol i actually had fun doing this assignment. This was my first time painting like this. I'm pleased how it turned out. Although, halfway through colouring it, I realized that i didnt really exagerate many features on him, so I drew another sketch (bottom) which I liked a lot more. But since I was already halfway through colouring the first one, I might as well finish it. Oh well.. if I have time, I'll do some practice on the second one. :D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

la la la la laaaaab~

My lab is finally complete! This was my process. I started out with a rough speed painting on photoshop. I've found it a lot easier than doing preliminary roughs on paper. I find that it's much easer to visualize and retain my ideas on photoshop since it's much easier and quicker to plot things down. Once I've found inspiration on a rough, I move onto a pencil sketch to straighten things out. And after that, the fun part begins.... lol no i lie. The cleanup was pretty tedious this time around. I wanted to go all out on textures and try something new for this assignmet. I happy how this turned out, but now my fingers hurt ):
i may colour this when i have free time :o

oh well! more to come soon :D

Monday, February 7, 2011


finally done @_@ why is digital painting so hard and tedious ): i'm content with my results, but i know i've got a lot more practising to do...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cyborg Samurai Meg

Since I was in the mood for drawing ass-kicking characters, Meg suggested I draw her as kick-ass-ly.
I love doing random characters. Sometimes I'd have trouble brainstorming what the character should look like or what the character should have on him/her. So instead, I have a list of criteria for the character and have a peer randomly fill it out. It helps because a lot of times I get ideas that I never wouldve thought of. The challenging part is finding a way to organize and merge those ideas to create an awesome drawing. I guess that's also the fun part. At first I thought it would be restricting by having a set criteria made by another person, but then again, at least I have something to aim for. Im usually lost when creating new characters :).

I should be doing my digital tools assignment right now lmao...