Monday, February 14, 2011

dA Experiment

Got a dA account? Think you're a damn good artist? Having trouble getting followers? Ever wondered how some people just have all the luck?
gawd... for the past 6 years, i`ve always wondered how a lot of artists got lucky on dA. i;ve contributed a fair share of art to the site and never got much glory. so today i decided that i;m gonna do a little experiment.
for the next 2 months, all i`m gonna post on dA is cute anime fanart crap. i`ll be logging my followers and see how far i get in this time. if my hypothesis is correct, i`ll be a dA guru in 2 months xD so wish me luck!
here`s my dA account so that you can also follow my progress:

ok so, its already been half a day since the launch of this experiment.... and i`m already becoming uninspired xD this is harder than i thought lol the last time i drew anime for fun was 3 years ago.. the image above was a result of artists block. its not supposed to be my first piece, im still working on that, and i`ll try to finish it up as fast as possible so i can get this experiment up and running.

UGh dont you hate it when your keyboard messes up on certain apps and doesnt type keys properly. blogger is turning my question marks into thÉsÉ things ): .. ugh


  1. press shift+ctrl and your É's will turn back to ?'s.