Tuesday, May 10, 2011


So Sammi reminded of the challenge I had set for myself X months ago lol.
Ever since college, and now that I'm drawing caricatures constantly, it seems like I've been losing touch with my anime side. Maybe if I try to commit to this challenge, I might get my anime groove back. It seems so much harder now because I'm unconsciously trying to incorporate the things I've learned in school.
WELL, first up for the challenge are these two lovely angels. If you haven't watched the show, watch it! It'll be over faster than you think LOL. So far, clean up is proving to be a b***h. Hopefully I'll finish soon.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Reminds me of a goldfish.... LOL
I know I still need a lot more practice with colours, but I'm just having too much fun with black and white.

Sammi was complaining about how Leslie looks cute in the photo I chose of her, and that the photo I chose of Sammi was.. well, a little more funny haha. I have a reason why I chose these specific expressions. 
I wanted to use expressions that I believe are genuine to these people, and not just reference pictures where they fake a smile for the sake of looking proper for a photo. I feel that caricatures have to be quite personal to the person I'm drawing. I mean, you don't have to know someone's every single quirk to draw a good caricature of them, but it helps I guess. Like how they act when they're alone in public, or how they really smile when they find something funny. I've known Sammi for a long time now, and I love it when she does that smile. It's the "I-did-something-stupid-but-I-won't-say-what" kind of smile. I think it's cute haha.
And as for Leslie, I believe she can attest to this, but she zones out a lot. And that's the expression that she has when she does xD It's like when you hear a friend's name and you imagine their face in your head. This is just one of those expressions that I can easily imagine.


¯ U ¯

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Oh boy, that was fun. I think I going to do a lot more of these. I tried to colour it first, but failed horribly, so enjoy it monotone :)
Here's my progress for those who are interested :P

oh, and here's the reference pic i used.

Goodnight boys and girls~

Monday, May 2, 2011

OH SNAP! IM PAINTING :O (just a peek)

You can try to guess who it is lol. I thought I'd brush off the dust on my cintiq today, have some fun, and make one of my friends hate me with a drawing LOL.. no, i joke....
..please don't hate <3
lol.. who knew digital painting could be so fun if it didn't need to be submitted for homework :P
This is just a preview of whats to come soon. Stay tuned~