Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trying to get my groove back.

Trying to get my groove back after all the lack of drawing at home. I haven't been exercising my creative muscles (or any other muscle for the fact) and it makes it hard for me to draw what I want to draw. Maybe I just need some new inspiration or motivation.. I don't know :r
anywhoo this is a little sketch I just did while watching Mythbusters.


I think I'm overdue on updating my blog lol. Too much drawing in Wonderland makes me feel like I need to take a brake from my other projects at home... which is bad D: I haven't even touched my Panty & Stocking pic in a while and I've yet to start my page for the ANI year book @_@ ugh.. well, here are some shots that I took of my favourite drawings in Wonderland....

 This couple was great to sit with. If my memory serves me correctly, they went canoeing in Algonquin park last year and wanted me to draw it somehow lol. I liked how it turned out, especially because it got me a lot of customers after :P

 Ugh. Ok well, I was proud of how the picture turned out. That's the most I can say from this memory @_@. Ugh... The lady was "backseat drawing" throughout this picture which made me take super long to finish. I probably lost 6 customers because of the time it took. Nonetheless, I like the drawing, but no more backseat artists for me. >:@

ahh I love it when I get fun people to come sit down for me. I especially like how I was able to be playful with the guy's face and was still able to retain his likeness. I still need to practice more on being more playful. I feel like I'm playing it too safe with my faces sometimes, but oh well, the customers seem to like it. ahhh, in time :]