Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, manga, actually. For the longest time, I've kept saying I'd go back to anime. But that's easier said than done. I'm gonna have to start at the basics again.

In the past month, I've started to watch anime again. Sammi started me off with Gurren Lagann....and it was... EPIC. *_* After that series, my anime-craving reappeared (plus i found out there were a bunch of good quality animes on youtube). After GL, I watched AFRO SAMURAI. TALK ABOUT BADASS. yes. Continuing to satisfy my anime-craving, I watched Last Exile. Oh man... such a good anime. SUCH a good anime. Plus, I loved the artwork by Range Murata. After watching Last Exile, I`ve started to (try to) draw anime again. It's been frustrating... but it's been fun. I've still got a lot more to teach myself.

Oh, and I just finished watching FLCL.
WTF >___>