Monday, September 19, 2011


Yet another Digital Tools assignment. I'm satisfied on how this one turned out, but hopefully I get a better mark than the last u_u... I never know if the image will actually look nice because of so much compooper crap. My cintiq has a discoloration problem, which keeps me guessing cuz the colours may seem nice on my tablet, but are crap on my actual monitor. On top of that, whenever I try to save jpeg's of my work, the export a lot darker. But that's only if I open them with Windows Photo Viewer. And they're a different shade if I open them on FireFox or SketchBook. >:r


-David >_>

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Finally back to the studio after a looooooong summer of caricatures. I haven't digital painted as much as I wanted to over the summer. This is the first assignment for my digital painting class. I find that I'm still having a hard time doing realistic paintings, but I guess practice is the only remedy. Although,I am quite satisfied with this one :) It was a slow start, and had a lot of art block moments. I found that I was uninspired a lot, and I pretty much had to sit down and force myself to finish.

Oh well :)