Monday, October 17, 2011

Northern Tiger-Elk

Northern Tiger-Elks are generally very solitary beasts. Their mothers leave them a week after they are born. Instinctively, they will fend for themselves and know what to do. In the past few centuries, there have only been a few recorded cases of their companionship with humans. The people of the north say that Northern Tiger-Elks never forget a favour, but many have died trying to validate it.

I have conquered you once again, digital painting assignment @___@ I tried a new technique to painting fur this time, and I'm quite satisfied with the results.

*portolfio piece* :D


*EDIT* just updating the pic. got my critique from omar and made a few changes.


It's cold.

Original concept by Sammi.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Uthur Berhart

So here's the lil dude I'm going to do for my maquette. Can't wait to get started.. but I hope I didn't screw myself over with all the fur @_@

oh well :/

Head n Hands

"His heart pounds like a boulder rolling down a cliff. Yet, he remains still, gripping closely to his axe as the cold bites his fingertips. It's tiring to chop down a beast. It'll be even harder to chop down it's master."

Another digital assignment done! I found that I had more fun working on this assignment because I got to use my character that I've been developing for Character Design. Originally, I wanted Uthur to look like he just killed his first man. I wanted him to look as if he was filled with anger and guilt. But after getting some critiques, it turns out he looks like he's just about ready to get some more action. So I tried to change his facial expressions to something more regretting, but I found that in doing so, I lost a spark in my picture. So thank God for multiple saves lol.

Intensity, ready, and waiting. I hope I got it this time.